5.6 Site Visits

Site ReviewsOOH Site Visits

In addition to reviewing data submitted by OOH-funded dental sealant programs, OOH evaluates programs by conducting informal site visits with three to five programs per year. OOH may conduct focused site reviews to gather additional information about specific questions raised by reviews of grant proposals and reports, communication about a program, or comprehensive site reviews. Site visits vary by county but tend to include the following topics:

  • Review of program documents, protocols, and procedures with the program coordinator and any other appropriate staff (reporting, clinical, administrative).
  • Clinical review of the dental sealant team’s procedures.
  • Discussion of program operations.
  • Question-and-answer session, during which program staff can ask OOH staff questions

Technical Assistance

If an OOH-funded program has a significant problem (e.g., poor dental sealant retention rates), a formal plan for correction or improvement may be necessary. OOH may develop an improvement plan, or, at its discretion, may offer the OOH-funded program an opportunity to submit a plan for OOH approval. Improvement plans must delineate steps to be taken along with a timeframe for accomplishing them and information about who is responsible for ensuring that steps are completed.