4.3 Dental Sealant Assessment

Immediately following dental sealant placement, while the teeth are still isolated, check sealants to

  • Ensure complete coverage. Examine the tooth to check that all possible pits and fissures have been sealed. If incomplete coverage is observed, add more sealant material until coverage is complete.
  • Check for bubbles or voids. Adding sealant is necessary only in the unlikely event that the void or bubble exposes enamel. However, where a void has sealant material at its base, operators frequently choose to add sealant material.
  • When adding more material to a sealant, if salivary contamination has not occurred, simply add more sealant material, and cure. If the tooth is contaminated by saliva, re-etch the area for at least 10 seconds, rinse, dry, add more sealant material, and cure.